July 9, 2011, Bangalore
Status: Closed


PHP is today the world’s most popular open source web development language. It is used by millions of websites, most often via applications like WordPress and Drupal. Deploying a PHP website is straightforward and supported by nearly every web hosting provider.

There are limits to how much load a single web server can take though. For your website to scale, you will sooner or later need to a transition to a multi-server deployment, and this can be hard. It requires thinking about web development in entirely new ways.

The exciting new world of cloud computing promises to make all this much better. “Cloud computing” is an umbrella term for a range of tools and techniques that make scalability possible. Scaling PHP in the Cloud is a one day conference on what it takes to make the leap from single server to multi-server deployments, and of making sense of the new world beyond.

Hashtag: #phpcloud

Sessions are for 45 minutes each (30 talking + 15 Q&A). If you'd like to do a smaller session, please indicate so in the description.

To attend this event, buy your ticket from http://phpcloud.doattend.com/

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Experiences at Kosmix with Cloud Computing  
Srinivasan Seshadri (@sesh-zetatta) Development Beginner 25 3 Tue, 5 Jul
2 How Yahoo! Oscars scaled to billion+ page views in a week
Balasugavaneswaran K Development Intermediate 14 1 Mon, 4 Jul
3 Monitoring and Tracking the Health of Cloud Applications with Amazon CloudWatch
Janakiram MSV Deployment Intermediate 10 0 Thu, 30 Jun
4 Building Cloud Platforms with Eucalyptus Open Source Software  
Pavan Yara Deployment Intermediate 12 3 Wed, 29 Jun
5 Failure is an Option  
t3rmin4t0r (@t3rmin4t0r) Development Beginner 18 1 Wed, 29 Jun
6 Job Queue - web is more than request and response  
Abhinav Lal Deployment Intermediate 11 1 Fri, 24 Jun
7 Apache Thrift : One stop solution for cross language communication
Piyush Goel (@pigol1) Development Beginner 16 1 Wed, 22 Jun
8 How to write scalable PHP applications on Windows Azure Cloud
ramaprasanna Development Intermediate 5 0 Thu, 16 Jun
9 Deploying a PHP Website on AWS EC2
Vivek Rp (@payuindia) Deployment Beginner 2 5 Thu, 16 Jun
10 Legal Issues in Cloud Computing
ShardaBalaji Business Beginner 12 0 Thu, 16 Jun
11 Scaling like a pro with Gearman!
Amal Raghav (@kertz) Development Intermediate 8 5 Sun, 12 Jun
12 NoSQL to InnoDB with Memcached
rithish (@rithish) (proposing) Development Advanced 3 2 Sat, 11 Jun
13 How Flipkart scales PHP -- Tips & tricks  
Siddhartha Reddy (@sids) Development Intermediate 31 10 Fri, 10 Jun
14 Commonsense Linux sysad and scaling of webapps  
Madhavprasad Pai Deployment Advanced 27 0 Thu, 9 Jun
15 Introduction to Membase
Vinay Y S Development Intermediate 15 1 Thu, 9 Jun
16 Building your own virtual cloud environment  
Gautham Pai (@buzypi) Deployment Intermediate 18 12 Thu, 9 Jun
17 Continuous Deployment at Flipkart  
Pankaj Kaushal (@spo0nman) Deployment Advanced 61 12 Thu, 9 Jun
18 Secure your site  
hitezh (proposing) Development Intermediate 14 6 Wed, 8 Jun
19 Git-powered deployments
Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Deployment Beginner 22 7 Wed, 8 Jun
20 Why PHP is best for cloud than other languages
deepak kumar (proposing) Business Beginner 4 1 Wed, 8 Jun
21 Compiled PHP
tuxtoti (proposing) Deployment Advanced 7 5 Wed, 8 Jun
22 Using Amazon EC2 to Scale Your Web Application  
Ravi Pratap (@ravipratap) Deployment Beginner 35 12 Wed, 8 Jun
23 Scaling web applications using Memcache  
Sudar Muthu (@sudar) Development Intermediate 21 0 Mon, 6 Jun
24 Zend on the cloud
Dhaval Trivedi (@dytrivedi) Development Intermediate 7 3 Sat, 4 Jun
25 PHP Frameworks performance compared for performance and ease of implementation  
Aditya Sengupta Deployment Intermediate 21 5 Fri, 3 Jun
26 LastUser for user management  
Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Development Advanced 16 4 Thu, 2 Jun
27 Serve efficiently with Gearman
suryajith Development Intermediate 7 2 Thu, 2 Jun
28 Deploying with Fabric  
Nigel Babu (@nigelbabu) Deployment Beginner 14 0 Thu, 2 Jun