by tuxtoti (proposing) on Wednesday, 8 June 2011

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This is a proposal requesting for someone to speak on this topic. If you’d like to speak, leave a comment.


Benefits,Benchmarks and Experiences with compiled PHP.


There have been various claims on the substantial improvements provided by compiled PHP. But deployment and maintenance of such systems have been tough always. Perhaps, people can talk about experiences with SAPI too.


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    [-] Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Reviewer 7 years ago

    Shreyas Srinivasan had proposed speaking about this, but was busy with a release. Shreyas, are you still up for it?

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    [-] sshreyas (@sshreyas) 7 years ago

    Yep. Will submit details today.

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    [-] tuxtoti Proposer 7 years ago

    Awesome. Looking forward for this. P.S: I could never get HipHop working on a 32 bit box.

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    [-] Piyush Mishra 7 years ago

    Why not say about APC?

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    [-] Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Reviewer 7 years ago

    Looks like this session isn't happening. Shreyas is way too caught up with work to be able to commit to the event, and doesn't want to make a half-baked presentation.

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